At NMZ we work every day to be part of a better future.
We promote our values and company culture for the welfare of a community that includes employees and our customers, a commitment that seeks satisfaction and sustainable and ethical development. The environment is also at the heart of our work, and we encourage a collective awareness of our manufacturing to control excess inventory and make responsible use of our textile archive.


Generating social stability is fundamental. Our human capital and relationship with suppliers are very important; the majority of our production chain personal is made up of female heads of the family. Additionally, NMZ seeks to collaborate with various organizations in favor of the environment and the development of disadvantaged communities. An example of this has been our participation in projects supporting organizations such as: “Casa en el Arbol", "Fundación Grit", "Make a Wish" Colombia, "FundaCáncer" Panama and "A.C. SANA" Venezuela to contribute in a positive way with objectives of continuous evolution.


Small conscious steps help to reduce our environmental impact. Since 2019 we have joined this global need and have designed collections focused on making the most of our textiles by intervening in them in a creative way and offering a renewed vision. With initiatives such as the development of personal accessories and household items, we stimulate a conscious environment with a new category of products.

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